Poema Network

Poema Network(AS138517 and AS203472) is a network operated by Kusakabe Shi(aka kskb).


Prefix Origin LOA Comment
2404:f4c0:f700::/44 AS138517 LSC
2406:840:9840::/44 AS138517 ZX
2407:9240:1001::/48 AS138517 Yi
2a06:a005:2b0::/44 AS138517 ✔️ Route48
2a0d:2587:8300::/40 AS138517 SZK
2a0d:2587:8400::/40 AS203472 SZK
2a0e:b107:1980::/44 AS138517 tunnelbroker.ch
2602:feda:a80::/44 AS138517 nat.moe
2a0e:8f02:f046::/48 AS203472 freetransit.ch
2a06:a005:600::/44 AS203472 ✔️ Route48
2a12:3fc2:dd00::/40 AS203472 ZH
(downstream routes) (currently no downstream)


Poema Network provides following services


A non-profit internet exchange point(IXP) at my home in Taipei for BGP and computer networking hobbyists.
Link: https://ix.kskb.eu.org


Poema Network has open peering policy, we are willing to peer over any exchange points we have in common or over wireguard tunnel via ipv4.

Our network information: